: Those are some of the ups and downs that have brought the bridge to its current state; it's best not to lay blame for humanly foibles; even a supposed enemy in this journey I've always thought speaks from a place of goodness; So just tell the story; a good one for that is Huck Finn.
Anyway, the ups and downs, kid. How'd you bounce your way into that seat?

And let me read them, aloud. Oh yes, we will be reading our own words aloud.  We will be forever available on screens forevermore.  My persona is immortalized! If only I could do the same....

we can
 it's called the creative process
it's way is along this bridge.
Oh no you are not going anywhere
You are not walking along this bridge to get anywhere
It is here where you are and while on the bridge here is where you will be
Exploring the American dream
What does it look like?

Along the bridge ​is a journey of itself, into itself
the experience of the American Dream from a multitude of perspectives
doers and audience both

a lingering luxuriative will more than likely
by these people taking us deep into their lives
allows us to go deep into our own
I see my story more clearly because I have first listened to your story

and so to get us moving along the bridge, I'm gonna tell you meander any which way you want. Mind the numbered stars, each one contains a backstory, a continuation of a narrative as to how this bridge came to where it is at this particular juncture of Now looking back at then.

So go to panel 2

​​Do not expect cardinality, (huh?) , You'll see, you'll have to look closely to find panel 2​​​, and when you get there click on that and you will find a film on my American Dream.

Panel 2


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