Why are the bridge panels randomly numbered?
Are you an atheist?
No, I just don’t see a pattern.
So you are an agnostic
I see a pattern
Then you believe, my son
I see a different pattern
Your pattern is wrong
Your pattern is incorrect
Both of your sequences are mistaken
This is the true pattern
Blow up the bridge

So the bridge panels are randomly numbered so we slow down and look more closely at the bridge
We will not be looking more closely at the bridge
We will be looking for a number
Walk up and down the bridge looking for the next number you would like to get to next by viewing the video in the preceding panel, not numerically, but as directed by the video

And the numbers will establish their own pattern of familiarity
You will create the pattern
You are the creator of your worldview
You are an existentialist
Gifted by God
Aren’t we all?


Random numbers leave us not believing what comes next, but anticipating the next revelation. What a marvelous perspective: the next now, regardless of familiarity and consistency, is not expected but instead arrives as a revelation
Aha! There it is, you see? The next number
Let’s go
And so

And in that anticipation of the next revelatory now is the delight of Christmas eve,
Or maybe


What’s sounds random begins to make sense with open- minded concentration
Meaning listen
​back and forth back and forth back and

​But the numbers are my clues
In jazz, the notes are my muse
dig it.

check out this fellow teacher on drums


Start thinking about and typing out, "Why do I believe what I believe? whether it be a religious, social, political​, love or even prejudiced belief, offer a "for instance" and expound on that
and as you write out your thoughts, what song might be expressing many of those same sentiments, 
and explain why that particular song (or genre) came to mind, and fade into playing that song​

Please​ speak English

​​​​​Find a song ya love and tell me what it means to ya

So now that we do not know what number is coming next, we do not have to jump to number three. Now I know why I go up to the kid who's not writing and say hey, why arent ya wrting?
I don't have a pencil
I think, what kind of a person just sits there for forty-five minutes thinking whatever or nothing instead of just asking for a pencil.  And it's for a grade!
Now I get it
I am not expected to go to panel three,
I am free to choose.
So I say we get off the bridge completely and click on that This I Believe website​​​​​​

You might want to create your own Luxuriative in there, on that website. It's okay, go, go find the stories you want to hear, respond how they show ya, and come on back with something you can put on the bridge while you took that sideroad

This is why I loved Heminway so much when I was young.
He kept it simple
He took me deep in a way that didnt hit me till years after I read the stuff​​​​
That's why I love an authentically told story​

Authentic! What are you talking about? Hemingway chopped his work up like you weeding the garden,there ain't no authenticity in that, that's cultivation.

Do you see how far this ​​person drifts off-topic?



Please to panel # 5 to reach the This I Believe connection​​
and we'll get back to our tale of building the bridge somewhere over there​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​common core standards​​​​​​

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