carteblox: to have carteblox - to be able to do whatever what one wants, but always and only with complete honesty and total respect toward all conscious beings and that includes planet Earth.   

to go carteb​loxing: to play at the edge of any given situation while acknowledging and respecting it's boundaries

Here's one you know: acknowledge,  ​​a word in our everyday vocabulary, break it down, to accumulate knowledge, when we acknowledge another person, we are smarter just by doing so.  The deeper my acknowledgement, the deeper my learning. Taking a deeper and longer look will produce a deeper and more long-lasting lesson.

This is particularly effective​ concerning situations and people avoided.  That means I have a lot to learn there. That means I have the most to learn from my greatest enemies, so if I could learn to treat my enemy like Spencer Tracy greeted Sydney Poitier at the dinner table, my heart won't race as much and I will live a longer and healthier life.  

That doesn't mean to stare at the enemy. When I stare at my enemy, I am cementing my prejudges and ​feeding my dislike, 

None of this has anything to do with the etymology of acknowledge.