You are being cleaned inside and out.  While Corona swarms, human hearts are being opened to realization of the indwelling divine spirit, which some of you have learned to experience through the Christ flow. 

​​Jesus  had a mission, too.  His was to bring to the world a path of realization through the heart, just as Gautama Siddhartha had taught us the route through the mind, relying heavily on the right hemisphere where the monks and artists generally hang out. Mankind has over time grown more reliant on the left hemisphere where you process your languages.  Confusion amidst the different thought-trains developed in different levels of your consciousnesses is what you call mental illness.   Sometimes you get hung up on a certain thought-train which carries your awareness away.  Depending on what you do with it, this is your passion or psychosis or creativity.  Language is a beautiful thing until it gets away from you and leads you into injurious behavior.  

Sam Harris, Dan Harris, (no relation) and others can help you develop a healthier  ​relationship with your thought-trains. This is the Buddha's teaching.  Each of us need to learn both routes of divinity. 

I have cringed twice now. First, the English teacher cringed with the sudden​ jump into the first person plural. He had taught his students to remain consistent, except when employing poetic license.  Its use should be apparent.  The Other Guy typing this is not so sure it is in this instance. That is why he is following this particular thought-train over here.  Many thanks to David Foster Wallace who conspired with Kurt Hudgens to have the genieman fall from just under the fourth floor of a Chicago  apartment building and brake (DFW playing around here.)  The genieman had no brakes. That's why he hit the ground and broke the vessel in half.   It is Wallace who gave us carteblox. He is a master at  playing with language.  The Other Guy says thank you a hundred times over.  As you can see with that hundred times stuff and this here explanation that Jeff Collins is no master of language nor is he a genius of Wallace's caliber.  This is where Kurt Hudgens is best introduced.  He is a genius of Wallace's caliber.  The two carry on with conversation in the fourth dimension of consciousness, i.e. the heavens.

Jeff Collins is now totally and permanently disabled.  ​
​       The label humors him.   He knows it is less than half his body that is disabled.
The aforementioned reference to the practice of meditation has nothing to do with religion or naval-gazing.  It is chock-full of discipline and promotes creativity because it puts your neglected right hemispheres to work  The teacher suggests the practice be included in your schools' curricula.
We are here to save you from yourselves.

​​Now it is time to freak you out.  Many of us have spent time in human form. We will meet each and every one of you somewhere in the heavens between here and eternity.  Our thanks to James Jones.

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The other guy says the above typo remains on a request from the architect, Wallace. Carteblox is largely his doing.