Two hundred and forty years after the writing of the Declaration of Independence
we offer

     The Declaration of American Dreamers

​Monday, July 4, 2016

Plato was right: The teachers ought to be the leaders
Or our leaders ought to be teachers
Either way, leaders teach
To the nominees of all persons running for political office of any jurisdiction within the United States and her territories:
You are asking—
For the trust of your constituents, that you will pursue what you will have promised them come election day; as for those who will not vote on your behalf, they agree to honor the code of democracy and peacefully abide by the results.
They will become your
What do they need?
Teachers are first and foremost servants
Serving the needs of their students
Through eyes that have been taught to recognize and then address their needs,
And the teacher has many students,
The dedication of concentration on so many levels toward others is what drives a teacher
So the teacher becomes the student and learns from the students who they are
It is the(a) ying and yang of teaching,
Takes two to tango
As the newly-elected official to this new governmental position, a position you are fighting heartily for, come election day, there will have been spent a lot of money.  Relationships are developing, debts are being built, promises made….

You are the teacher to these students and these students are your teachers
You pay attention to them.
You pay attention to your constituents.

On the Fourth of July we’re gonna say it like this:
Yo, politician whoever you are, you remind me of that other guy we kicked out of office or was that you—because

1. You have taken the position to which you were elected and turned it into an Institution for yourself and your pals.
2. You have built such a lavish lifestyle for yourself and your pals that you have lost sight of who got you there
3. You treat our (your constituency's) needs as a political burden you must endure so you can sustain your own lavish lifestyle
4. You are losing your focus and turning your own constituents, some your own family, into a macroeconomic statistic. Henry from down the street lost his job and his wife’s ‘bout due again, what’s he dreaming about?

We jump ahead (to go ahead in time, one must jump sideways) and see that this nominee is the winner.
This is why this nominee will be the winner:
5. You cannot see Henry from down the street because you are living a lavish lifestyle far away from Henry from down the street who is the one who helped get you that lavish lifestyle cause Henry from down the street voted for you. After he lost his job and looked at his wife, Karen, sitting there on the couch, rubbing that ‘bout due baby, not saying much since the news, just sits there rubbing that belly,
Henry from down the street had to do something. So first he went to church and prayed. For what it’s worth, it helped calm Henry from down the street, and then he walked into the polling station and told the election judge his name and proceeded on through the voting process until Henry from down the street either tapped on a screen or punched a hole with a needle and then wore that I voted badge on his shirt all day to help keep his spirit up, his pride, too,
And voted for you
His panic and distress he took to God and then to you. Will you please help Henry from down the street keep his small part of the American Dream? It ain’t much, right now it’s a job
6. Therefore, since you cannot see Henry from down the street from the offices of your lavish lifestyle, we insist you maintain as your primary office to be within the jurisdiction for which you are seeking office.
7. The Offices where you had perhaps been serving, or are hoping to serve, will then be maintained as a landmark and protected just as it is now. Your office will be within your own jurisdiction and you may have your office in your own backyard or corner strip mall or even downtown office, wherever it is you call home
Because then when you hear that newborn baby of Henry down the street and his wife Karen, you will hear that baby cry and you will know why you ran for office in the first place.
Good luck
We trust you,
Your office is just down the street from Charlie’s shop. You eat lunch at the diner where ya see Charlie there having a tuna on rye and that looks good and pretty soon you hear Charlie needs some help and ya remember hearing that newborn cry, things are looking up for everybody.

aside: ​​We get it, it's not looking up for everybody all the time, for the politician who must agree not to live a lavish lifestyle in offices far away where they throw better parties.  There will be times throughout the year you will return to your lavish lifestyle privileges, but this will be as seminars, working vacations, as does a teacher is who you are.

The Lavish lifestyle buildings and workings can continue uninterrupted if we simply tell it like it is.
Politics has become a carnival. We can do better than that. We can produce art. These now available buildings and offices can be leased and operated through the recently developed Department of Dreams, the cabinet position in the executive branch.
Theater comes to mind
I like TED talks, from the Congressional Hall, Ingenuity in a place of Honor.
The magnificence of the architecture and surroundings, the Ideals Honored, what a privilege it is to feel such marvelous Ideals celebrated with such beautiful art.
The American Dreamer gets this voice heard.
Let the American Dream cry from the floor of Congressional Hall! 
Where is a beautiful cry? Anguish so bare it rings a perfect True and now I cry. Where is that voice?
I want to hear that voice!
There ought to be a law!
And the floor of Congress is where laws are made
So the artist lays down the law
As taught by the teacher
All possible because a beautiful process created through a firm Declaration allows this to be so, and for that, Nominee, we entrust you
Our Declaration is thus: All elected officials of any and all jurisdictions will maintain as a primary office the home office within that jurisdiction.
All previously occupied offices and governmental halls will now be available to any and all American Dreamers. Please contact The Department of American Dreams in the executive branch of the presidential cabinet