​​​A new cabinet position has been established! Alongside the likes of the Department of Energy, Department of Education, Department of Defense, there has been established a new cabinet post, the first one since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. We are announcing the creation of the Department of American Dreamers!

It is the sole responsibility of this department to secure the right for every person within the geographical boundaries of all United States lands and territories, to create the opportunity to pursue the American Dream

What is my dream?
What does my dream look like? How can I explain it?
It’s my dream, how can I express it? Only I of all people on this planet knows what my dream looks like or feels like. If I can’t get that out, how can anybody help me?

We can at the Department of the American Dreamers.
More likely, you have a dream but do not have the resources to pursue it,
We can help you develop a plan to pursue your dream

Additionally, the Department of American Dreamers requests that any decisions made that American Dreamers sees as contrary to their best interests, such as decisions of war or energy, must come to the bridge and look at their bill from our perspective.