Lennon Broomfield sits in a doorway
​on historic ​King Street ​of South Carolina.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​      Passersby notice ​his drawings
​     scattered about and inquire
​      as to his intentions. 
Lennon explains, "If a customer is interested, I will snap a picture of the person a phone camera, and then I will spend whatever time is necessary to complete a portrait drawn from the photo. Afterwards, I will take a picture of my drawing and text it to the customer.  Then, the customer returns and I give them the portrait in return for my fee of twenty-five dollars. 
To contact Lennon and for more information, please email
Currently homeless, Lennon is trying to keep a Motel 6 roof over his family's head at forty-five dollars per night, the cheapest motel in Charleston. Your purchase of a Lennon Broomfield print or a personal portrait will help Lennon protect his family.  We are currently working with a social worker to help Lennon find a more permanent home for his wife and children.
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