Who: approximately 200 students (HS juniors) from Morton West High School, Berwyn, IL.

What: These students have constructed a sixty-foot by eight foot Bridge of American Dreams, (lays flat on the ground for easy access, has arches and (rope) cables, similar in style to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge).

Where: Morton Community College, Cicero, IL

When: Beginning February 3, 2017 for a short two-week stay. Don't miss it!

​​​​Why (mission statement):

1. To experience the on goings of a college campus, (most have never set foot on one)
2. To have the opportunity to discuss with esteemed college students the learning necessary to take the steps required to secure admission at such a fine community college.
3. To display their representations of the American dream. (The bridge lays over a simulated body of water where the names of those who were or are unable to realize their dreams are also honored)
4. To quell the antagonistic politicking with their own positive messages as represented on the bridge and on their website, www.carteblox.com.
5. To ask all executive and congressional elected officials to walk along this national Bridge of American Dreams, thus demonstrating their allegiance to the American Dream rather than to special interests. Note: old and failed request--never happened, worth a shot.