Luxuriative: Find another human interest video and watch it, and then identify each of the persons in the video, explain their relationship to one another, and what might be each of their dreams looking at where they’ve come from
That grandma
She’s up from slavery I bet
And there she is
Watching her baby
Travel the world
And want to come back home
I can't see any dream bigger than the one lived by that grandma
That’s how prayer works
Souls like that

Tori Bowie finds motivation from small-town path to Rio

Growing up in Sand Hill, Mississippi, Tori Bowie found her inspiration and character from the support of her
grandmother Bobbie Smith.

​​​Sports:  Highlight articles on Phelps and Biles and highlight (to teach annotation), then photograph to put on screen and talk about the article and what in particular you highlighted. Then have students choose a sporting Article and do the same and come up in front of class to talk about their article. Then proceed to panel # 21 and have some kickin' good fun! 

Get back on the bridge!​​