panel # 233. Make a panel for Luis Tubens, use the photos you have of him and your students and do a voiceover. Then the assignment will be to create a Powerpoint about something or someone you are passionate about (be careful about lovers, the Internet is a visual tattoo, once you say I love ya, baby on the Internet, it’s a for always and what’s the next baby, I’ll love ya forever gonna say when she runs into I love ya baby number one? I speak from experience, but only in the old-fashioned way: distance. My baby I love yous all live far away from one another, but the….So what or whom are you are passionate about in a reverential, or heroic way

common core standards​​​

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Do you hear it?
Mother nature singing?
She's after the gold rush, baby
Got a cute name, too
Loves to play the numbers
​s(S)he could use our help​