A Bridge of My Own

​Who in your heart is your number one enemy?
an existential enemy
The one you want
Or at least
Who are those… ?

Look at em, right over there…see that?
What (who) you hate the—Burning raging fires in your heart hate—most….
Send that over there
All those you hate send right over there
Put em right over….


Keep em in sight so you can look up and see them and recall from time to time how much you hate em,
And distant enough so you can go about and do what you’re doing.


Whatcha doing?
Building my dream, son, for me and my family, building my dream life,
Can you show me what your dream life looks like?

And so this is an invitation
    to you
​​to create a panel and a back story,

Warning: Once you have put your #01 enemy over there
And left to ponder
what do my dreams look like?
What do I want for my family?

And your city
And your country
And all
What are your dreams for all of us?

​​Once you have discovered your dreams
Please express this in panels and direct them Northeast


And so to now those who were put over there
Those whom they hate from the very bottom of their hearts,
What is it you want?

for yourselves
For your community
Your people
All people

Can you express these “what do you want(s)?” in panel and backstory form?
Lay them out as if building a bridge
A bridge to....
In what direction?