Double click here to edit this text. more brick and mortar for the wall. Your father had you learn that when he put you to work for his company.  One of my most cherished memories was my mother telling me that the building superintendent of the wall we were building in a chemical pl ant, big name, still around, long commute from my home in Oswego, my dads office in North Aurora or the warehouse in Batavia, then my girlfriend, Mitsy, my first Crystal,Going further north along the Fox River, so let's backtrack and include Aurora, Montomery and boulder dont know where to put the writing or in what form this is rambling i was boring can yyou change was boring to am boring, this just rambling, fodder  for the field, mortar in Trump's wall. And God loved Eve so much, she got the snake to play with, God's right-hand man pride ego sense of self as being the driving force in befriending and criticizing others, its done devoid of integrity, its like a high interest credit card whose debt I'll leave to my family to play

you wanna know where to put all uh-oh there's a gap in the wall​. That means some Mexican can slip through and make me listen to music that sounds more like wild nature than symphony hall or jazz. In other words, it ain't mine. But maybe something good will come out of it, the music is great, adds flavor to the neighborhood.

Jeff wants to talk about Rachel, you can talk about whatever you want, Love came through that gap when Rachel's father; Raphael Perez was in a London dance hall after   Raphael Perez is the epitome of living the American Dream, is the product of Humbolt Park when he slept in the park or on the fire escape on hot nights in the days before air-conditioning   As a writer and publisher, I'll always have a job.The joys of big government, those are large purse strings, little girl, and you aint so innocent. You answered your door when I came a-knocking

And Trump is the glue in the mortar, even his name​ like Obama's best suits the part. Here comes Trump. thump thump thump and the big bad wolf knocked on her door for  rules of protocol and it's always exciting to answer the door to a stranger, in walks the Donald for Blanche; it could have been the ,Kid, Steve McQueen I could have fallen for that. That's charisma. If Obama was selling fraudulent goods, they were the best in town,