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34. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi The Future of Happiness
35. Frank DeFord Pay Dirt
36. Jefferson Davis Inaugural Address
37. Vine Deloria, Jr.  We Talk, You Listen
38. David Denby High School Confidential
39. Joan Didion On Self-Respect
40. Frederick Douglass Narrative of a Life
41. Lawrence Downes In Search of Flannery O'Connor
42. Matthew B. Crawford  The Case for Working with your Hands
43.Theodore Dreiser A Certain Oil Refinery
44. Dubner and Levitt What the Bagel Man Saw
45. W.E.B. DuBois The Talented Tenth
46. Firoozeh Dumas The "F" Word
47. David Ewing Duncan DNA as History
49. Barbara Ehrenreich from "Serving in Florida"
50. Gretel  Ehrlich  About Men
51. Lars Eighner On Dumpster Diving
52. Loren Eiseley The Bird and the Machine
53. Ralph Waldo Emerson from Education
54. Ralph Waldo Emerson from Nature
55. Ralph Waldo Emerson from Self Reliance
some practice answers
11. Sherwood Anderson
12. Will Allen
13. Bauerlin and Stotsky
14. James Baldwin Native Son Notes
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Test results are in. And it ain't looking good for a whole bunch of ya, but here's what you can do. ​Go back and read those passages again, Study the questions and look at all answers while reading the explanation for the correct answer. 

Do that for each of the five passages and 43 questions ​and watch that grade begin to soar.

And your Literary Journey, that book from the list you chose to read, how is that going?  Will you be ready?​​​​​
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Some might feel the AP test is out of reach
but the SAT--that matters. It's like we've been saying, reach high for your dreams, falling short yields its own rewards.
In this case our AP study has been helping us a good deal in preparing for the SAT reading material.

So stick with trying to understand these readings and the questions since doing so is preparation for both tests.

Monday, March 20, 2017
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