It's fuckin not fair. Ya type and ya.type and in a blink all the words disappear, and that's only a few minutes worth of work..  Covid is taking everything from some of these people, sometimes a life's work, sometimes a life

I was trying to say thanks to the developers of the Internet, and that includes you, Al Gore.​. And now I want to say thank you to Al Gore for being a leader in charge of addressing our disquieting influence on the rest of nature.

Back to the Internet. Thank you as well for your open and free ​beginning. Were they Italians? Is that why they want open and free ginnies? That means, along the government's help this totally disabled and alone today  66 year old can instantaneously reach a global audience from his wheelchair in the front room of his government-assisted apartment.  Trump figured out that one right quick. For those of you still looking for his genius, there it is, right there Trump caught the obvious and this tactic is dismissed as unpresidential as effective as it is. Tweeting is no less presidenttial than the popemobile is popish.

Politics (like religion) is a numbers game.It is all about ratings.And funding ​is akin to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.  Do I hear a​ cry for campaign finance reform?

This is your real work for your real problems. ​

The game is rigged America and you rigged it.  You took the crown away from the family and gave it to your friends. The Constitution is the only thing holding the Idealists dream together.  Many of you have fought hard in expanding the Idealists  black and white vision into a more technicolor worldview. .​

​Heaven's light always brightens Earthly colors.