Hes exploring the higher realms of the cosmic consciousness like you did the Blackstone Hotel. That account was a lot of fun, rappelling over them peaks, hoping the rope doesn't slide. Gut tensing up just typing it some twenty years later, the life of a Chicago genieman. There's your BAB.
It's the music, it's Ella that brought  you back to the Blackstone. You had the account in the years before the Jazz Showcase out and up the street to Grand. Saw Louis Farakhan with his entourage with Alexander at that location

It was around this time Alexander was buying his clothes on Maxwell and Halsted.  Today, I dont think he would get away with that. cultural appropriation ​
Joe Segal a Chicago jazz diehard savior
Ya wanna make a page of what it was like to be a high-rise window cleaner in Chicago and elsewhere back in the day. There's your BAB, primordial genieman, get that Tribune page.,

Use Sometimes a Great Notion as your model​. Tell the tale of Chicago Genieman, imagery, imagery, imagery
If you like how things are going at the present moment, there is nothing to regret about the past'

Put Crystal​'s sound recording here. That story is a gift from one of the higher hands of Eve.

As a matter of fact, collect all your​ sound recordings here chronilogically

This is exactly what Joseph Conrad was talking about in Heart of Darkness,the recording and my black caregivers not understanding Katie's reason for divorcing me.Crystal said today, that sounds like a white peoples problem, shes got a man who comes straight home every night with a steady paycheck and that ain't enough?
panning for gold, a found nugget is akin to a moment when GS runs off with LV