Check out the numbers of children born out of wedlock and crime for the black community comparing the 1960s to today. The welfare state has devastated the black community. More handouts will probably make things worse.
my back and forth with Bob Como
The civil rights movement was the liberals's great success. Other than that they have wrought decay in society.
Thank you for your reply. That's where American Dreams Cleaning Company. I am following the lead of Jesus of Nazareth. First he provided the wedding guests with the best wine, then he went to Juruselem and cleaned up the temple after throwing out the money lenders. Trump is a one-term president. American Dreams Cleaning Company has well-paying jobs available. The problem with the liberals is they never left the wedding feast in Galilee. They have had their forty-six years to build their temple. Now it's time to give Jesus H(h)is three days in Juruselem I'm giving H(h)im three years in Juruselem to clean up the temple.. The Garden has grown substantially. First, we throw out the money-lenders. Trump is a one-term president. ADCC will supply Jesus of Nazareth with the labor force H(h)e needs. 
And if you think it's best, we can skip the wedding, and go straight to work. Maybe I am misinterpreting the symbolism of wine.

This is where we need Thomas Sowell. I've been taught by the liberals to think in terms of money when attempting to help the less-privileged. Is that an insult to George Floyd to call him less-privileged rather than oppresed?
I don"t want to follow the liberals any furthur into their rabbit hole. Maybe the wine represents the opportunity for meaningful and fulfiilling employment, an ADCC job application..
The liberals mishandled allocation and distribution of funds. This can be used as an incentivizor like overtime pay at time and window cleaning with piece(peace)work. Not a straight-up handout. I call that lazy Christianity. The liberals gave away the fish. I want to level the playing field by teaching them to fish. That's half of what ADCC is all about. There are lots of creative ways to do this. I am subsidizing my vastly underpaid caregivers for the remarkable service they provide. 
Trying to avoid war here. This is not Victor Hugo's 1823 France. We have 200 years and a workable constitutional government differentiating us.