Now Corona wants to present a gift to Trump.  She is using Covid-19 to make America great again.

Americans are banding together and working harder than ever; all this for less and less money and more and more for one another.  Corona is the anti-Trump as well as his doppelganger.  She is playing the most powerful man on the planet for the fool he is.

​​Corona's attack cums on behalf of Earth Mother in protection from the scourge of man over under around and through,
my thanks to Winstonthe planet's many interdependent and interwoven environments.

Tobacco serves as an appropriate microcosmic metaphor.​  Smoking tobacco is an individual and collective physical symbol for man's destructive habits all over the planet.  It harms every organ of any body in which it swarms.  I grew up breathing Winston's and Camel's comingled  fumes, luring me at age six to try it for myself.  It made sense to the six year old to try the one with cotton first.

At fifteen, I had yet to surrender the dream of being a cowboy and so I switched brands.  The Marlboro man was the only cowboy in town.

And when I later arrived at the University of Dayton.  Cigarettes served as a lure for the girls I most wanted to date.  Now I here Iggy.

The misplaced homophone belongs to Wallace.​
We drive our cars and purchase excessively at the behest of the snake.  Man is tearing up the place in his drive to get laid. It's all about sex. That is why I have partnered with St. Hugh. He is teaching me how to approach this end with a much smaller carbon footprint.

And after the dick comes food. Man really messed that 
​ one up in his both Darwinian and spiritual effort to feed every human on the planet. 

St. Hugh had it right.  He celebrated  Eve, but Man stays hung up on his mistrust of sex, and so the problem persists. Now you have to put food and water into each and every one of these bodies. Meanwhile, Adam has to continue his work in a more troublesome garden.

I put tobacco out of my system in 1997. It was in a hotel room on New Years eve in Naperville, IL.   I said to my girlfriend,  "Next year, I want to quit smoking."  I had thought that would buy me a year. My girlfriend quit smoking a week later, that's how she is. That's why I later married her.  I dated her because she was very pretty and sweet,  and I married her because of that and because I saw there in the hotel room that she was super good for this undisciplined and disorganized  man then twice her age (I would later tell her, "Next time, I'm gonna have to find a girl three times younger," and now here is Crystal with her twenty-two years for my sixty-six.And for icing on this shitcake, I was then new to AA and recently divorced.  Quite a catch.  What a family.

 I will be forever grateful to her mother, anything but the stereotyped mother-in-law  for accepting me so readily. The woman is one of the strongest humans I have ever known.  Her husband  had passed eleven years prior, and she was left to raise six children alongside her sister who was raising five with her husband, Bob, one of the kindest and strongest, most authentic people I have ever known.  That Vietnam War helicopter pilot coal salesman life-long (Wallace says to spell it) 
​​died in the wool card-carrying member of the Republican party and Ed Asner looked like him and constructed the character, Lou Grant to reveal much of Bob McCabe's true character to the world beyond Katie's Uncle Bob's reach which was pretty extensive with all the family and friends.  And once Bob McCabe gave his word on anything he never reached again to retrieve it.  That is why he stands next to Jesus the Word of Nazareth in the      highest echelon of heaven because all who picture Bob McCabe now see him through loving eyes, except for the environmentalists who still hold him accountable for engaging in the process, long before anti-coal became a movement.   I see a man living the wWord he keeps.  It was love at first sight on my end. All Bob must have seen was the light in his niece's eyes, and heard the stories Katie had been sharing with her cousins, his daughters. And when I stepped in the room that night to meet her family, I was meeting the Waltons.  It took me years to stop confusing  Katie's mom with her aunt.  They are both very beautiful inside and out. And because Katie's dad was gone, Bob walked around with both of them  mainly because each of the sister's was the other's lifelong best friend.  This guy showed me how its done, I paid an arm and a leg to have Bob McCabe's life.  He was also the happiest man I had ever known, You could see he held gratitude in the forefront of his mind.

For me, ​this was was love at first sight. I was afraid of what he was looking at, I was almost his age,  mid-forties to early fifties, and there I was standing there with his niece and goddaughter trying  to get in his house to steal her away from his heavily Irish brood.  Maybe that's why they accepted me so instantaneously, faster than it is  taking me to type out this sentence with only the middle finger of my shaky left hand while my right arm is over there, a weight of growing concern.  ,

The Vietnam veteran, Republican, Roman Catholic usher every Sunday with his wife, her sister and mother.  See what I mean? Pimping, that's ​ Hefner at play. I don't which one of them saw me, but they all invited me into the house, family, heart, hearth.  And none of them ever turned on this long=haired, admitted  drunk recently divorced, father and closer to his age than hers . 

And here I am again, at heavens door with Bob McCabe.  I don t know if  this is help or a gift, same difference.  Corona said to go get him. That's an example we can all  use right now as Covid-19 chases us into our homes, hearts, hearths into our families, How well is this American dream working  for me, take a close look at my life.  In A.A. Its the fourth step,  as the heart is the fourth chakra as Jeff Collins started to see Kurt Hudgens, Ken Kesey, Jim V. Jesus of Nazareth and more and more David Foster Wallace drawn there by Kurt Hudgens and captured by Kesey's work on the Bridge of American Dreams, stayed and created carteblox

And I am anxious to see him again, but I'm not going to hasten my death to do it.  I know where to find Bob McCabe. All I gotta do is peek into the higher echelons of Heaven.  See what he's doing?   Bob McCabe is at it again. He is leading me into another room in Heaven, That's what Bob McCabe did when he met me at his front door and took me into his family in less time it is taking me to type this sentence between using one finger and having the cursor jump all over the place and intermittantly deleting large passages of text and having to type t things three times over.

This is exactly ​like driving on the expressway when its under construction and traffic is heavy'

I'm switching lanes

Along with Katie came her sisters, cousins, and friends  and I am surrounded by women roughly half my age.  I was loving life side by side 

And the memories of Katie's ​​ ​father, Dan Gibbs are more legendary still and hers to tell since she wrote the book.

This is​ Kesey. This is a great notion.

Man, you have been snuffing out the planet for years.  Now you are learning what it is like not to be able to breathe.

Read on to learn of our gift to the wor​ld.
Do you see how he placed his name first when revealing our gift to the world?  He takes his initials too seriously.

Jeff Collins is being made aware of this gift at this moment on Palm Sunday.  Now he has a question.  What was Jesus' relationship with Mary Magdalene?  A common concern in A.A. is  phrased thusly. "If you go to the barbershop often enough, you're eventually gonna get a haircut."  

Cryst​al the caregiver, girlfriend, BAP, porn star  in training suddenly breaks out in song , "Weak," by S.W.V. revealing a professional-grade singing voice and regaling our one-handed/two-fingered typist BAP- loving real--life Martin Landau with song.  Mission impossible?  This is Mission accomplished, George!

She then continued with three more tunes, closing with an improvisational rap in which she incorporated dance.​​

The woman had a few months ago made the most spectacular spectacular (My regards to Nicole Kidman) grand entrance. a nude dance where she spun about in the front room of his HUD apartment.  Ben Carson runs a great agency.  I love our federal government, no matter who's in charge.  
Who said retirement homes are boring places? A happy ending while she showers him on Palm Sunday aligns well with a tambourine-slapping Chris Rock's 911 pussy feast
Trump and his sycophants got one thing right.  He is the chosen one, but not for the reasons any of them suppose.   We needed his ineptness and immaturity to facilitate the cause.  We knew he would fumble the snap.  This football metaphor is our gift to Trump. 

​​Corona's mission is to help slow man's increasingly rapid plunder and destruction of the planet.

Man is the scourge, the virus that needs to be contained.