​​​The attached pdf's are all e-receipts from Home Depot purchases funding this project. They represent a significant portion of the monetary cost of building this bridge.  We held a fund-raiser at school which raised $183.00, for that, thank you. 
As for the rest, these contributors will be paying for items already purchased, will be able to look at the bridge and say, "Hey, I paid for those two-by-fours; I paid for all that red paint." Bought and paid for in advance.

So go ahead and click on the various pdf's; go shopping, which part of this project would be fun to fund? So look around the pdf e-receipts and

​​​​​​Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Be a Blockhead! Join the American Dreamers Party! First order of membership: MONEY! I need money.

Thus far, I have spent at least:

Please go to Cost of Building a Dream page (Oh, you’re here..) and review the list of items. These are the Home Depot e-receipts I have spent in building this project. If you would be so kind, could you please look over those e-receipts and perhaps cover the cost of an item or two….
You will notice purchases that would seem unnecessary for building a large wooden bridge, particularly large bags of black mulch. The Other Guy had the Typist driving the Vessel so hard it not only practically tore up his marriage, it tore up the back yard as well, which doubly pained her because she prizes cleanliness and order in high fashion,
Sawdust everywhere
That tablesaw on that rickety-home built stand
That whining screaming piercing sound
It hurts and it’s a mess
You hurt me and you are a mess
This is not good
So adding lawn supplies as part of the bridge project is simply part of the cleanup and public relations with she who matters most

So if you would, please, visit Let’s P(l)ay for Our Dreams! Click on any of the pdf’s and open the receipt to see where the money went. Look around, maybe you know where I could get something cheaper.
Or copy an item and paste this into the item box at check out and that item will be paid for. In this manner, your generosity will be in replenishing the stock for which you are paying.
The money has already been spent
You will be paying full retail price for lumber that has already been cut, painted and tossed out
Most of that paint is either gone or dry
The brushes are stiff and dead, but hung onto
There is nothing to pick up and go home with.
Not even a bridge
Not yet

And that is why this guy here is not on the marketing team.
And the how to get the money part ain’t set up either. Give em my home address, ask em to write a check. That’s r-e-y, not e-r-y.

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