You will look at the camera and tell your story about having read Blood at the Root.

I will give you specific questions to answer, however, I much prefer you telling of your own journey through reading from its pages

This book addfresses one of the most dramatic relationships ever to grace our land, Grace? Yes the history here in Blood at the Root speaks for us all and I do not want you to leave this classroom, this school, without expressing your views on such a powerful and all too often confrontational relationship in all of our lives.

​​Having a well thought-out educated response to the matter is our intent here. We do not to merely spout about racial injustice and when confronted have no other response than to throw a rock. Sometimes there is a need for that, but not until I have made the effort to learn about something I feel so passionately about, and them to speak upon the matter in a manner I would want for my children.

Let us here your voice. Tell, (actually, you will be reminding the you in six years about your reading the book now), tell the you in six years that you have been reading this book and what you have learned from it.  You may share other thoughts as well. I will collect all of your stories and preserve them. It will become my richest treasure
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Mimimum speaking time: three minutes
include your reading a small bit from the book and explaing why you chose that portion to read.

three minutes​
What if I don’t do this assignment?
Your final exam will be graded as a zero

And if you do? Now that's a treasure for you and me both

NOTE! Rather than creating a three-to-five minute film for your presentation, you may instead address the class with your delivery.​​​​