1 This word is not a mis-spelling, that word is.

It is a homonym, a reference to the duality discovered during transmissions.
one plus two equals three..

The spirituality of Bipolarity: Tapping into Dimentian three without understanding Dimentian two is what leads to the mania known as Bipolarity.

The first Dimentian is Literalism: Thought-trains thought to be the end-all of Mind
The Second Dimentian is where I came to terms with PHP.  A year was spent articulating this information to the Other Guy inside the Vessel so that he could finally understand Dimentian Three

The First Dimentian: Literalism
The Second Dimentian: Symbolism
The Third Dimentian: Actualism
The Fourth Dimentian: Spiritualism
The Fifth Dimentian and Beyond: Have yet to partake of the necessary fuel.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Highjacking is a sweet homonym paying honor to The Second Dimentian where PHP has been working in conjunction with the Other Guy from the First Dimentian.  All of this is explained in the Dimentian Transmissons​​