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Let Nancy give you a kickstart
Sometimes we have to dig in the dirt to find the stuff Dreams are made from, and there are times when a divine hand has us fall into it for a good, long look around. 
And sometimes even a genius will falter
Fibonacci found this.

The 45 was  a dollar for the 
genieboy. Now it's a gift for CHT .
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It's good eating on The Bridge of American Dreams
clik here to see another gift for the orange. The missing "c" is our gift.   Whether it's typos, dollars, debts, or casuaalties, you're gonna find a big number of big numbers.  
clik here to see a present for P.T. 

What do you see?

​part-time, prime-time, President Trump, Barnum.
click here to see through angel eyes.
This way to D,T./D.C.
That way to the theater
When you wrap us, tie us together and make it tight, butt  leave  plenty of wiggle room. That's where the play is at as in your billows.  
From Crystal and J.C.

click here to watch high school students engaged in building The Bridge of American Dreams.
I saw the geniemen helping you with the Reichstag. Now this genieman wants your help on The Bridge.
AND we're a stickler for Chobani yogurt on The Bridge. The man is an exemplar of business ownership.

uh oh, I spilled my blueberry yogurt on The Bridge of American Dreams, and then I flipped over the cup..
Confession coerced by a long-time White Sox fan.
Oh great, now we gotta wash The Bridge, too.  Click here to get a mop and bucket.
Too much riboflavin, vitamin B2. click here for your vitamin B52, it's super-charged .
to go P.P. pryor to your walk or roll along The Bridge.

The Block Hall of Fame traveling show
Now, tragically, part of a bigger story. This girl has an intimate relationship with America. 

C to learn more.​​
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see the genieman at home with The  Bridge.
meet Genieboy's merlies. They can also be found on the radio in the Garden car.
lick hear two here jADAa
lick hereor on CHT to have her take you for a real joyride. H will be doing the driving.
toget tothe
concession stand
to see our celebration of the actual lumber and rope Bridge of American Dreams
and fly along The Bridge with this crooner.
play with Jada in the park.
work alongside Jada and her pals.

for moon travel.
since Corona has delayedyour wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe, the architects at the behest of the archetypes offer you The Bridge
Donald Trump's personal toilet.   clickhere for his favorite toilet paper.
What Jeff Collins wants from his Eves/caregiversmerlys
Have you realized your American Dream?it may stiill be taking shape. click here for reassurance.
Double cl
A formulated solution to  America's race problem, particularly with regard to our 401 year-old issue of slavery. click here to find the the answer.
click here to take bridge building 101 
click here to wake up. 
click here for the garbage can
click here to see what happens when a dream is shared prematurely.
say Yes to Success
click here for o guiding hand
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for a bridge over troubled waters, click hear or here..
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build the bridge with Jada and her friends