Kurt Hudgens first shared this idea with me back in the nineties, about two or three years into our friendship.  I did not know then that Kurt and I would have only another eight or so years left.

You will​ learn more of Kurt Hudgens later.  Now it's time to here his idea. We would if this guy could stop letting the fear of losing a gem drive the narrative. And that's stream of consciousness. That's the effort it takes. It ain't just rambling. Its panning for gold and stream of consciousness writing is letting the audience watch you pan for gold. It makes them a witness to creation, are they  then in on the act in some weird quantum way?
Genieman, the swashbuckling crime-stopper with a squeegee in his holster..

He had wanted to remain at recess each and every day.  School was the first place he was trapped in.  At recess you could run free in a lot of ways. Nobody was watching except your own character. Back to Chris Rock.  This is where the bullies came in, did half the work..  They were the opposing force  
While cleanning windows, Genieman sees some strange shit, often without himself being seen.