Do the math to find the answer. Start with this. 13.4/76.5=0.175
Each and every African-american is matched with four Caucasian citizens who then make certain their particular African-american receives the funds necessary to fund his or her American Dream. Let's unshackle the leg irons,and empty our prisons one citizen at a time, holding every four privileged Americans accountable for the well-being of their particular African-american family member.. The Social Security Administration can track their care.
We suggest that each African-american receive $30,000 annually over and above earned income. This includes you, Labron James, Chris Rock and the like.
Our 42 million African-american family members each receiving an annual income of $30,000 will amount to one trillion 260 billion dollars per year. Jeff Bezos could nearly take care of this bill all by himself
Crystal's cousin can get us going with her union organizing at Amazon
The black community can figure out for themselves how to furthur divide the 1.26 trillion dollars of annumal funds among themselves,or to choose to share with our Hispanic brothers and sisters, along with family of all the colors the Divine hand used in the creation of Humanity, even returning what is needed to the under=privileged white community.
Of the U.S. treasury annual revenue of 3.3 trillion dollars, 1.26 trillion can be earmarked for 42 million Americans most in need of reparations.
We can follow corporate America's lead and work the numbers however we the people want, and let's turn those tables upside down to lower the bill.

​It's time corporate America subsidized the American people rather than how it has been with the labor force subsidizing corporate America.
This is not a band-aid as are the current stimulas checks we are receiving as a response to Covid-19. This is our Economy's vaccination.
There are some white Americans who will say, "I can do better than tend to the well-being of an additional 1/4 of a family member," who might add, "I can financially contribute to the fund as well."
Jeff Collins is committing to tending to the care of 5 African-americans, two single mothers and their 3 children, in addition to subsidizing the government's financial obligation to these five individuals with $1,000 of his own money each month, twelve of the 150 thousands due them each year. We are family. Let's follow the tracks of Siddhartha and Jesus.
< for Ann Ambrosia, truly a gift from the gods who anyone who knows her will attest.
This program is offered only to African-American U.S. citizens born on or before July 4, 2021.
Smart money says, skip the wedding and go straight to work.

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