Sunday, June 19, 2016
Father’s Day
Splashing in the ocean with my children
Giving up my phone
Cleveland winning tonight
She is tough
She holds his feet to the ground
She makes him walk his spirituality
It is to her that he is real
She authenticates the Vessel

When this thing begins to go towards July one?
His boy is gonna be real busy with that phone
He gave it to him, you know, his phone to his kid
The damn charging cord won't stay plugged in
Things dead half the time anyway
Here you can have it
And from the front seat into the back goes the phone
One of the most powerful tools, machines-
And all that
But now a secretary
A fielder of calls
What will he see?
How will any response to July one be received through that phone?

And Cleveland
Good mood-setter for the coming party-crasher
Lebron's first speech on the court, his closing words, we want that, too
What Lebron said, that’s what we want
Except it looks different in each of us
In Lebron it looks beautiful
What do I do with my gifts, what does that look(1)  like?

(2) Hey, somebody is highjacking the narrative again! So I got us out…where are we?...

​​we are in a footnote off a footnote, we are less than a statistic, we don’t even count…who are you?

Talk on Immigration highjacks political narrative!

ATTENTION”: A footnote off a footnote turns it right here into the heart of the story, the Point called NOW! So the lesson then is to become so small and insignificant, that you are rendered harmless—in their eyes
We cannot be seen.  We are too small to be seen by the New Politicians, the Elected Ones. 
And so we wonder…
Can we….? 2

Holy sheetz! He’s gonna release this through Carteblox! He’s really going for it!

​​Yes, we told you from the very beginning two and a half years ago, You have chronicled most of our transmissions. Now we are ready to present.
Present what?
This what? What is this?
This is this right now.  
Either the footnote of a footnote or the main text. Which are we? Lebron’s story is main text. We are footnotes off of footnotes.

​​I have learned to love being a footnote off a footnote. You can really loosen some boundaries a whole lot more.
Anyway…The incredible statement that could unwittingly be made through this Blox Project would also require those who understand the humor not to speak of it

That’s why this part of the writings don’t put out until after the oaths are taken.
So for now it’s called Highjacking the Narrative.

Why are you using children’s blocks?

Put a bunch of blocks in a box all helter-skelter
Choose a word you want to spell. What word would a person playing with childrens blocks be likely to spell? Probably not scumbag, or shithead, more like dog or toy, it’s a lot more relaxed,

So even if you pick out a word like scumbag, because you are not a child, then get to know the word. If that’s gonna be your word, then put it together, dig for those letters, reach for them blocks, turn em over each and every, looking for an s and a c and a u and there’s a g

It takes time building a word
​like keeping your
​or holding watch
Until there is your word, you built it, you put it together
Your word
That’s what you built

How else can you express scumbag?
How else will you share your gifts?
And we all know the story of Mr. Scumbag, learning to better express his pain until he….

You’re gonna have to edit some of this shit out before you go online

​Are you kiddin me? It’s the unedited that allows in the other voices. Or at best become nothing more than a footnote off a footnote
Uh uh.  It was proven up there in paragraph something or other that a footnote off a footnote remains in the text, it's just that Typist goes on believing he (or she) is typing in the footnote of a footnote section, which he never could locate, not knowing that those ideas are being presented in the main text until he glances again at the screen, into his past.

It's because we are not Lebron that we are the main text. It took a semigod to come here to celebrate and put a spotlibght on a footnote of a footnote: Northeast Ohio
Politically, a trouble maker
Culturally: I sat on the sofa with my eleven year old, the clock winding down, I squeeze him close and tight and
The warmth, the values, the message: he’s home, Lebron's loves his home knowing it had kicked his teeth in too many times for any lesser man. How do I love a place that has kicked me in the teeth too many times?
I hone my gifts. It is the expressions of the footnotes of the footnotes honed in faraway places that make up the cultural fabric of this country but nobody sees them because of
Lebron! Lebron took the whole story for himself
What happened.
I don’t know what that’s about but it could get annoying
It’s a literary device he’s trying out. He was so impressed by Vonneguts Listen: that he’s been trying to bring that delight again,
So we would like to shine a light on these gifts from the footnotes of the footnotes spread about America. Marvelous stories
Hey, you sure you want to go that way?
Yes, this is an expansion of the present narrative, not a detour
How do you know
Because we speak symbolically {& spell symbolically. two}love the homonyms, dahlink

And when you speak symbolically you can say anything you want ​because symbolism is just another literary device so the Typist can

How many of you guys are up there in the control room along with Other Guy
"Twenty-seven" [Snickers and laughter]

Everybodys snickering and laughing up there in the control room, but the Typist has the Vessel dancing just fine and anybody there who cares for the greater story will see how the Vessel has been being prepared




You threw the flag too soon, you don’t know where that narrative was going, that may not have been a second narrative

​Boss just chimed in and says this is why you are a footnote of a footnote, you just babble on about shit don’t nobody care about and you do so in such a rambling way most people don’t even know what you are talking about after maybe the third centence and I can tell you for a fact that by the time that sorry-ass reader is forced to hear your twenty-seventh sentence in a narrative that only you follow there have been three more suicides in the United States because of the text-pollution you are dumping into the Collective Conscience, there’s less light up there now, pal, thanks to that Other Guy spewing on about

Oh hey come on, somebody woke up in there

And so Awareness was back on board looking for other Thought-trains to tangle
Dance Sing with? Hear? Cry?

When I am awake, what attracts my attention?
When I reflect? What is my Dream?

There! There it is. There’s the American Dream. Its all over this place, just spread out, ain’t no light shining on it let’s bring em together, herding cats, collecting mercury

We apologize for the ridiculous measures this Typist has been taking in order to attract attention to himself
No, its not that, Typist loves it when his fingers dance. Typist loves to use his gifts
And to use my gifts to express my dream?

Oh Dear Lord, there it is,
To use my gifts to express my dream

The dream seeded in Northeast Ohio, a liability to everybody else, but to Lebron Home, and tonight a spotlight on NE OH, on the struggle, the fight and tonight success

Hey brother man, knock it off, you don’t know jackshit about Northeast Ohio

I protest! I have a literary license here, sir, that says I can write about anything I want.
​Who wrote that?
​I did.
​You can't write I can write about anything I want and then do so because it says so right there on a slip of paper
You see, that shows you how little you know, its not a slip of paper, it’s a keyboard and a screen
You see what I have to put up with? It’s a wonder anything ever gets done around here?
Who’s that?
Some kind of pharmaceutical
So when we saw the people of northeast Ohio with hope and anticipation, knowing their story and only knowing their story because one man came back to town and worked hard and shone a light on it and now millions of people are looking at Northeast Ohio as a story of incredible love and hardship that now they are not a footnote of a footnote they are the main text

Of course, Lebron is gonna need some rest….

He does this from time to time… rattles on figuring only the most committed would still be reading, by now most readers have likely taken detours, side roads, alternate thought-trains we call em here in the world of Symbolism where we can say whatever we want, that’s why we love America. The United States allows for Symbolic Free Trade. Any and all Symbolic texts, images and gestures allowed, and if you cant get it there then you can get what you are looking for elsewhere and that is still because the United States has had a significant role in maintaining your identity throughout the years
Don’t yell

Hey, I just thought of something, why don’t ya skip the whole editing process and put it up for those suckers who have followed you this far(3)
They are not suckers
They are what then? Witnesses to madness? Perverts? God! I hope all of my readers are perverts. That would be awesome. Perverts who get off just by me…
Stop! How many people want him to go back and go on with the sexy part of the story?
​He jumped off the sexy thought-train cause the thought of the kids came through and Appropriate said hop aboard and so that thought-train was aborted.

Hey, pal, go back to what you was talking about.

We would like people to do two things…
Create a video, music, writings, images your expression… your gifts expressing your dreams

Hey, ya sound like some teacher giving a boring assignment.
Then what do I do?
Ya gotta show em what you want them to do.

Hey guys, guess what thought-train ran through his head after he got done taking a piss and did his usual pause and looked at himself in the mirror and admired himself not realizing what a creepy old guy he would appear if he ever revealed even a wink of that,

Amid exhale he thought, we have to have that bridge built, we need this Vessel to establish ethos, we figured Other Guy will establish ethos through these writings
Through this shit?
You think this babble-on is going to establish ethos?
Why do you create fancy thought-patterns and make them into wordplay and then think or hope they help you establish ethos?
How do you establish ethos?
You tell us what is in your heart.
Ya know, you're gonna scare the crap outta some people ya know, with all this shit.

Just tell em we're a bunch of symbols, we don’t matter, a literary device that even the new English teachers are being taught to exclude

The true spirit of this country is




Oh, sorry

The June 18th Narrative is the Unabridged Lesson Plan​​

And we see that bridge that was written about yesterday, today its what’s it look like this bridge?

Typist fingers are dancing but they look like claws
Shut up and get back to work
You gonna get accused of something
Before you accuse me take a look at yourself
Mama! Typist is hiding behind Elmore James again!
I told you boy, not to take refuge in Elmore James, you take hold of Jesus
But Mama! Theyz the same thing.

Well, now that’s a story gets beat down all the time, the particular gifts of a footnote nobody reads.

This is the English teacher. I saw it! I saw it come out. The creativity peeked, woke up, like Robert De Niro in that movie, no, the other one, which one, which of which one is which one?
And that’s when I realize I am no longer dealing in Ideas, I am managing thoughts, well ain't that the definition of a communist bureaucrat: Using the Magnificent Mind to manage thought-trains merely to establish order…

But when I told them we were going to create an Image as well, one that had IMport, one that will be disPLAYed for the WORLD to see, so many jumped to it—not all—the inviting screative simplicity of the project and the opportunity for these high school students to show the world--cause I their English teacher told them this will make big news, to show the world their own personal expression of their gifts and dreams. First as a symbol through an expression on the bridge and also as a real gift, an expression of their gifts on the website

Hey, I saw ya look back up the screen to see what you wrote, admiring it, I saw you smile, like when you look at yourself after you pee, and smile,
Hey, ya never did address the kid issue, how much into Furthur Dimentians is Vessel allowed to travel?

​That’s why Other Guy is driving the perfect Vessel. He can travel through the highways and byways of various thought-trains, stretching into unvisited Dimentians.

What’s that man talking about up there, mommy?

Nothing, sweetheart, that’s Daddy patting himself on the back cause everybody needs that but nobody ever pats Other Guy on the back cause nobody

Can get a hand back there cause he is always patting his own self on the back? So he thinks nobody else cares about what he does so he got to pat himself on the back cause nobody else appreciates his greatness. It’s the same as jerking off

Marijuana to cocaine?

Hey, how do you know the difference between a motif and running a joke into the ground?
If you are still here, you don’t.
Go home
Leave now
Alienate the audience.
And do you see irony, children, in the story he is writing so intimately and sincerely not knowing that such intimacy and sincerity ought also to be shared with family,

You know, it's too bad he put all this shit up on the webpage, feeding off that bridge to help pay his electric bill
Frickin' carpetbagger
Peddling the gifts and dreams of the American people, huh?
Well, shut that boy down ‘fore he does somebody some real harm.

And that is my appeal to those who like to protest. You guys scared my children. (See the story: The Night I Took My Family to the Travelling Circus Show) [Hey, now charge big money for that story. Think abojut it man, if some nut or lost soul or whatever curious person has followed you this long into the text
Including the footnotes

Ya gotta include the footnotes otherwise it don’t make as much sense. It's in the footnotes that the personal stories lie, and in them the footnotes of the footnotes, don’t you love their gifts most of all? You go in the backwoods and hear how that story is told
Stop, were trying to make some money here,
Yeah, stop giggling, every time you laugh you make me bump Typist here and it messes him up
So Listen
I call it! He just ran the joke into the ground!
It's dead! The joke is dead!
Then why is he still laughing if the joke is already dead! Because he is holding it alive in his mind!
Oh, he’s not laughing anymore, what happened

The joke drifted like fog and heavy and near within the collective conscious where the American Dream

Those gifts and dreams scattered about now brought together as five thousand (or so, again, we speak from Symbolism, learn to listen Symbolically
And ladies and gentleman, this babbling idiot is not only boring, he’s pompous as well.

Hey, I just went up and read what ya just wrote, I heard nobody gives a shit
Who’s that?
Negative asshole.  He always slips in when the fog lifts, tonight in with the American Dream

And that gets us to the POINT!

And the bridge with your panel, shown on the website where a click on your panel will display your gift, your experience of the American Dream,
It is not always realized,
But by whose standards?
What does it look like?
Where does it hurt?
Where is my American Dream?

I am a ridiculously luckyonesuchsonofabitch.

My story could only have played out upon the American backdrop. And that world allows for and provided for many what are called mistakes, moral failures, mental illnesses, criminal behavior, idiocy, loser,
I like loser the best. I can wear loser like a hat. I can babble-on and on and bend anybody’s ear and bore you to death at the dinner table cause I’m in control of the booze cause this ridiculous country has caught my plunge more times than once

But more so

To be able to dance around in my mind, any which way it is free to go, America has taught the Other Guy to dance inside the control room of what you refer to as Mind

Would you quit messsin' with the reader like that?
Come on, lets mess with the reader, remember, dude, our readers are perverts
How do you know
It says so right up there. Typist, put down a fetish our readers enjoy tickling then express that fetish with text.
And that’s why it is important that Our Bridge of Gifts and Dreams be displayed July fourth weekend. Its Happy Birthday, the Declaration of Independence, the “Hey, you know what? Forget it, King! We’re done!”
They said tone it down
Being able to say no to how I’ve been taught and to have opportunities to seek a myriad of new ways, after all those errors, whether by foot, experience, libraries, bars, I have been fortunate to experience the blood and sweat of America, but not to scorn the boardrooms; they pay my bills.

And because I have been free to pursue that next genius idea that either turned foolhardy or fizzled out
Whose talking now?
the Ego
Oh shit, you mean the rambler

So go back to messing with the perverts
You notice the only
I don’t want to type about our readers perversions. That is between the reader and Typist. It is a trust the Other Guy must feel present when he directs Typist to put the text up on the screen in the control room, and those words become the command for the Vessel.

Then the vessel acts accordingly.

I have not lived a life where there is no snow.
I cannot imagine what I do not already know
More thought-trains
More toys to play with
And those who followed me here already know that; otherwise they would not have suffered the endurance to get this far

By the way, that just became an open invitation to writers, (writers, not necessarily Writers).  The English teacher is worried about The Narrative. Could Drs. Readers and Writers report to duty and energize Narrative through the expression of your Gifts and Dreams? Your place on the bridge being a link on the website to your writing, your gifts.

Likewise with musicians, shoemakers, preachers. What are you joyfully sharing with your neighbors? Where do you see help needed where the American Dream might need tending to?

The best remedy for a sick dream is a strong Narrative,
So young lady, what you have here is quite a sick American Dream, but not the skills to provide the Narrative it needs to thrive. Say, how about you tell us your story, you share with us what happened and you let us tell your story with you?

Other Guy said he turned uncomfortable writing about that young lady with the sick American Dream and then approaching her to ask her what happened; he said it felt like it might if he had to ask a young lady what happened that night....

We lay these stories along that bridge and our vision comes true:  Our Gifts and Dreams being honored right there at the oath of office

The Manifestation of Symbolism
As close to the First Dimentia the Second Dimentia is allowed to get without an intermediary, thus the Vessel

(1) ​​​​​​ Feel apologetic using look, but we are talking about the blocks on the bridge. I heard from sound and felt the hurt. I learned that from empathy who told me to think of a similar situation in my own history, and I did: I was a second child, too. Then Emotion chided in--(2)

(3) Typist and Other Guy have colluded like this before, skipping the entire editing process by calling this slip-shod shit stream-of-conscious authenticity; offering editorial license to his longed-for hungry readers as a method for them to better take these thought-trains on as their own. ​​In short, it's a scam to disguise ineptitude as interaction.