You clicked on that link? How to win a real lot of money? Really? The guy couldn't even afford enough Calibri to finish his pitch.
And the ad has no color, no style, looks home-made  Did you really think that this low-class appeal to the most basic instincts in man would make anyone other than the pitchman some money?



​​​​​​​​​If I had written Grammar, you never would have come, but I gotta tell you, grammar can be where it's at if ya think of what it does,
your commas and periods, semi-colons and parentheses, quotation marks and question marks, too.  The colon and the rest of them, not to mention the other road signs for the reader, capitalization, italics, syntax!
Somebody else might write the story, but grammar sets the tone.

So ya get a chance to look again at those fun-filled ten-question grammar games.  All first twenty-two days. That's right: capitalization and  ​​commas.

All of the questions
All of the answers
WITH EXPLANATIONS! Click here to get to Grammar Games! YAY!​​

It turns out NOBODY can run from the clutches of multiple choice.​​​​​​
Let the next slide explain why were now gonna get a grade for a multiple choice test.  "I thought it was just the writing we were supposed to be doing." Go back to the PowerPoint, back to the slides.

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