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Under development

This is currently what Merlyworld and/or Merlywood look like from this perspective.

If you​ ​​have a few ideas you want to throw into the mix, or an overall design plan, please share. This can give you something else to during shelter-in-place and a job when you get out.  Let's talk, and by that I mean 'text.'

I got caught at ​22 Merlywood Lane.
Text or call 1 708 539 2186.
Oak Park, IL. Playing footsies with Chicago's westside.
We need both computer game designs and real-world construction.
They all want to know why you are referring to the physical world as the real world. We said, Go panning, not pandering. Now you sound like Trump. You know perfectly well the real world is where we sit in your awakened.consciousness. You  playing to their prejudices and ignorance when you refer to the physical world as the real world, Donald.