Though it may appear we are turning over the keys to the entire k(K)ingdom to Eve, turning the Garden into a queendom, there is one area of concern where Adam needs to assert himself to retake his divinely-ordained authoritative duty of fatherhood, which he has been stripped of (particularly) by U.S. courts. What amounted to procuring medicine prior to procuring a prescription has cost me all legal custody and access to my children.  This travesty of justice was cooked up by the law firm of Griffin, McCarthy, and Rice. 

You can tell by the date and my signature on the do‚Äčcuments that this was not a fair situation. I was presented with the papers while still laying up in a rehabilitation facility hospital bed a mere five months after my four-floor fall from a building,  This entire miscarriage was orchestrated and conducted by the aforementioned law firm of Griffin, McCarthy, and Rice, whose proxy, Kathleen Collins carried it out to the fullest.