Let's go on with page two with giving thanks to another strong and steady soul from our early days, fellow baby boomers, and in return we get to hear Paul Harvey's voice once again just by bringing him to mind. 

The man asked the conductor, "What time does the train get to the station?" He didn't ​understand the answer, "too too too too too too," which we fifth graders did as one fifty-eight to two o two."
A beautiful and smart woman she was. I wonder which dimentianol or rung on Jacob's ladder she is teaching in now. My guess is she has already made it to the top. If I were God, I would want Mrs. Cimaglio by my side, too. And this was the second bit of humor I remember receiving from my first crush on a grown woman. Her first was a self'-depecrating reference concerning her name, and this was not the diction I used in the fifth grade.

This page is still under construction. Our church is still being built.
And now back to Family Affair with Cissy and Buffy, them along with The Partridge Family and Brady Bunch were my teenage windows through which I saw healthy and loving families in action. There's a joke in there, two which the spelling could be since this is the second joke in this particular stream. Since they are all fictional characters, of course they are inaction.
And the point is these were all either single parent or blended families. Does that mean the producers and writers are trying to promote anti-family values?  little mikey pencil must despise all three of these left-wing liberal Hollywood designs. And the kicker came later with Jack Tripper's sexual advances toward Chrissy, an all-out assault on traditional family values.
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