1 844 633 4776 explained
633 refers to July 3.

6 33 refers to the date, June 33.

Seeing that there are only 30 days in June, this then denotes the  third day in July.​​
As for the rest, 4776 refers to 1776 in wait. 

# 4 is an anticipating #​ 1.

​When you look at the # 4, can you see a #1 with a left hand on the hip, and the 45 degree angle as a bent elbow?
844 equates to nothing.
​8 - 4 - 4 = 0​
The # 1 means we are the first peoples to succeed in such an ambititious and couragous endeavor as was our revolutionary cause. We had George in play 244 years ago, too and twice over, the king and general. All bets were on the king. 
The debate about issuing TJ's masterful and fiery paper began  on July 3, 1776.
The knee pressing on the neck of George Floyd is of the offenses Jefferson outlined in his Declaration.
This time, we don't have an intemperate king, we have a president under the constraints of our Constitution. Let's find the courage of still another George, and hold him accountable. 
Is George Floyd our Crispus Attucks?

Let's employ Atticus rather than engage in attacks.  ​
The # was randomly assigned through Grasshopper.com.
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And it's telling that Grasshopper.com was formed in Boston, MA. 
Jefferson and his fellow Revolutionaries did not have the Constitution and U.S.courts for their protection. Let's put to better use the system they formed for us. Cynicism and allowing for continuing corporate cronyism will only keep a knee on his neck and the torches aflame.