the fifties
See the U.S.A. In a Chevrolet
Dinah Shore​
(I Get My Kicks On) Route 66

Nat King Cole​

Rocket 88
J​ackie Brenston and his Delta Cats/Ike Turner     and  the   Kings of Rhythm
Ike Turner is double-trouble.                                                                                   Anyone object to Ike being in the car? He wasn't too kind to Eve, and that's putting it lightly. What's love got to do with it? And he's got Guthrie all scrunched up in the back seat.
Mustang Sally
Wilson Pickett​
Look at Dylan layin' back and all stretched out.  He barely left room for Roger.

    And it looks like the queen of the house is gonna have to hitch home. There's a lucky guy out there somewhere.​ 
slippin' across borders 
an original merly
THC turns around and there she is, CHT. A merly of Joplin's cut. These are very generous and passionate women. When Eve really cuts loose, Adam rejoices.
 a dent in the car
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That way to the body (booty) shop >
first on the dial and kicking up Garden Stoneslick hear 
speaking of which, now let Ike take us into the eighties. click hear to drive away with Stevie Ray,
the eighties
for Crystal, my super-Eve
LittleRed Corvette

The Cars​
the seventies
switchto the FM dial
Highway Star
Deep Purple​
Rockin' Down the Highway
Doobie Brothers

the nineties
Fast Car 
Tracy Chapman

455 RocketKathy Mattea
I'd Rather Ride Around With You   
              Reba McEntire​
Alan Jackson
Shania Twain
Daddy's Cum  (p)
Drive-by Truckers
Leave the Driving (Greendale)
Neil Young and Crazand H or r s e
Kings of Leon 
Zac Brown Band
Taylor Swift
Thomas Rhett
The Presidents of the United States
Arcade Fire
somebody let the engine die.
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Why is six afraid of seven?
Here comes Ronald
We thought this celluloid hero brought conflict. 
boy, were we naive?
the big hair is flying around the bend and the black community is decimated by the judicial two-step of cocaine and crack.
the virus that never showed up.
Two years into the Great Reception, The reception was for Obama, the recession was from Clinton, (repeal of Glass-Stegal, and George W. used Shock and Awe to do his dirty work alongside Big Dick cheney.
the 20 teens
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Luke Bryan
the Who
the sixties
Jan and Dean
the Beatles
Let's turn up the volume with a little thunder
get your magic busshrooms here

bOb   DylAn
fun fun fun
Beach Boys
click hear to access the e(E)ternal sound
click hear two sea a Memphis Pink Cadillac
click here for some Springsteen Pink Cadillac backseat fun, baby doll.
Let's catch a drive-in with Elvis
get your Southern grace here
here 'boutit hear!