​​​​​​​​​Reasoning for Today
​​Reasoning for Today

America in Her Adolescence

I was sixteen, at the mirror, staring at an overgrown, enlarged
Hell engorged zit
It hurt, too, pulsating to escape.

It wasn’t much of a pinch
My two forefingers pressed against each side of my nose
Its tip
The gigantic enlarged hell engorged overgrown fat red zit, yellow pus atop its head
A fat red zit with a yellow pus top
There on the tip of my nose
The very forefront of my face
And it hurt too
Pulsating pain

Until my two extended forefingers squeezed in unison on each side of my face
it was a release similar to a nightly discharge at sixteen years old
What a relief
What a mess
The difference is I popped that zit within the privacy of my own room
And likewise with the other

​​Reasoning for Today

Who remains, standing proudly, and Proudly reaffirming, "I voted for that man?"

They're getting close
Then a twenty-gazillion ton bomb he sends to the middle of nowhere
Ain't I tough?
Now who's looking where?


Uh oh! they're getting closer, what do I do?
Quick! Look over there.
It's Kim Jong-Un
You know. Kim Jung-Un son of Kim Jung-Il
I sense racism in your syntax, sir. You ought to be ashamed of yourself
The Left sees racism everywhere

What were we talking about?​​


​​​​​Reasoning for Today

​​What kind of a leader would say, “Fine, you don’t want what I have to offer?”
What kind of a leader would tell twenty-six million people, “Well, guess what? What you have is going to explode. Fine, let it explode.”
What kind of a leader would let twenty-six million lives explode because he lost a vote count?


Reasoning for Today

That one percent is getting bigger. I'm not so sure if it trickles ​down so much as it soaks up.  
​Getting mighty dry down here.

​​Reasoning for Today​​

​​I will sit under any flag I think best suits my interests
Witness the Evangelical for Trump
Would you sit at the foot of the devil if Jesus asked you to?

​​​​​​​​​Reasoning for Today

first they came for the Socialists
and I  did not speak out
because I was not a Socialist

then they came for the Unionists​​​​​
and I did not speak out
because I was not Unionist​​

then they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me​​​​​-
and "there was no more room in the Inn," (Luke 2:7​​)

 a blockhead​​ thanking Martin Niemoller


​​​Reasoning for Today

​​the question was, would you buy a gun if there was a zombie apocalypse
There are no such things as physical zombies, right? Of course
So the question is, would I buy a gun to protect myself from something I do not believe will ever happen?
So why would I spend funds on any climate change issues?

a blockhead

​​​​​​​​​​Reasoning for Today

*The writings above do not pertain to the current political situation. Donald Trump did not win 47% of the vote.  He won more than 50% of the vote. Go ask Trump. He'll tell you so himself.

a blockhead​​

​​Reasoning for Today

This is the first time I have been afraid because of the power structure
This notion of alternative facts
Taking the objective and turning it into a matter-of-opinion allows the mind to follow a directed rather than a considered thought-train
One that is guided by....​
One, when confronted with a reality of a different sort, responds not with self-correction, but assumes contradictory evidence as a subjective observation
Who’s to say. no?
Everybody's got an opinion​
Alternative facts
Bush's "fees" seem rather quaint.

a blockhead

​​​​​​Reasoning for Today

I can shoot somebody walking down Fifth Avenue and they would still follow me.
That is power
I can win the most powerful position in the history of the planet with only 47% of the vote
That is strategy
And now I can do whatever I want with the most amount of power any one man has ever held in the history of mankind and that 47% will follow me no matter what—they have proven that.
I do not need those other people, those 53%. I got here without them.
My 47% put me here and listened to me say whatever I wanted to say whenever I wanted to say something about anything and they followed me all the way here.
They will keep me here—and they will prove that, too. ​
That is absolute power
Watch out

a blockhead*