Now here's an idea. Let's have a Bridge of American Dreams reunion party.
Some things just happen. I did not knowingly choose the orange color over the letters 'm' and 'e' and there it is, the 'me' in 'American'.

And who's that who's yelling ​"What he calls 'reunion party' we call "Taking care of business" or vengeance for putting us through that. He was supposed to be preparing us for college; instead he had us playing with blocks. 

Who's that who just said, "I'll come to his damn reunion party just to eat his food because this guy still owes me an education? 

And I'm still mad at him for taking down the bridge after only a week​ after we worked so h,ard to build it.

Mr. Collins intervening, I was trying to save it. The superintendent was intent on the bridge's destruction. Dr. K.​ taught me a lot about how Trump works. I didn't see it at the time. I was caught in my battle with him.

And is anybody asking​, "What ever happened with that documentary they were making?"

This is for all of you from Mr. Collins​
Just as I ​didn't fully realize until now, my parents did all they could. It opens the heart to forgiveness, which will in turn expand your world.  Oh, God! He's starting to preach 

"Which one of you said that?" This told Mr. Collins that this student had learned to distinguish the subjective from the objective in speech, the number one element for navigating the rhetorical landscape, ​and it was learned while playing with blocks.

See the world any way you want, even by burying yourself in your own bullshit like Collins here.​ Why does he disparage himself like that? I'm still trying to get over my childhood, even at my age, coming up on the three quarter mark along Route 66.