Ken Kesey   David Foster Wallace,   Kurt Hudgeons (Check the spelling of Kurt's last name, Jimmy V. you just call him that because you never really knew his last name, you just know that you had some of your mosy sincere conversations with him. Here you have it, your ideal heart and mind .
And Kurt is what​ attracts DF Wallace's attention. They are intellctual equivalents
living as friends alongside Kesey and Jesus of Nazarath. 
The first time I had coffee with​ Kurt, he carried a paperback Huckleberry Finn in his backpocket and shortly thereafter, introduced me to Godel, Escher, Bach and said it changed his life. I ​loved what I read and never finished it and probably did not understand as deeply as did Kurt.
​​That is how I am with DF as well. 

It is those four sitting on a balcony in the foutth dimensiob of my mind​, but it was only David and Kurt who concocted a plan to turn my life upside down​

Dear visitor,
Do you know this font's name​, this is for you,Wallace readers, I learned a lot reading Wallace, much of it still out there. Their minds started clicking together right away. 
​ ​​