The Dimentianols  (Dimensions) as exposed on Earth Day, 2020 during the days Corona sprinkled Man with Covid-19, chasing him into his house 

With Man firmly ensconced inside., Corona can clean up the place without a child underfoot.

Meanwhile, Man huddles with his family in fear of Prognosis Negative. ​This is Corona's (Eve's) way of opening up Man's heart to the inflow of divine love, bring him up close and personal with the love he knows best.

This is a great theory you got, Jeff Collins.

What are you gonna say when we all come out​​ of hiding, and there are still posses of assholes patrolling the streets?

Earth Day, Revelatory:. ​​Back Alley Boy says there are 12 dimensions, only 9 as far as he can see The ninth be comprised of 9, 10, 11. 12.

This will be great for the movie;though it actually is occurring Back Alley Boy is standing on ​Kurt Hudgens shoulders looking off at the higher realms of Consciousness as D.F. Wallace toys with the lens of BAB's inner or third eye.  This is how BAB unleashed a torrent of divine love unto the world.  Read that in your scripture, if it ain't there, come on down to Carteblox and maybe there is something there for you..