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​Our founders:

The architects of Carteblox, featuring The Bridge of American Dreams

Ken Kesey  Jesus of Nazareth   ​​ Kurt Hudgens   David Foster Wallace    Jim V   John Kennedy Toole   Hugh Hefner

It is our purpose to remind mankind to worship at the feet of the feminine divine principal, The First Principle is our pal.

This is Eve's Way

Adam has been degrading, denying, and denigrating Eve since he first learned he can out-muscle​​​​ and therefore control her in every way and misconstrued The Sacred Story to suit his purpose. In essence, Adam has damned Eve, labeling her as the daughter of darkness.

This is your way out of the mess Adam has made of the garden.

And you are making a good start of it.. This is how you clean up the planet. You send man to his room.  Suspend the carnage for as long as possble. That's why we needed Trump.

possble ​
typo deliberate, a gift from Wallace to Neil Young for Southern Man, and Lynard Skynard is good, too.  This ain't Charlottesville   Learned behavior is not excused behavior. Ask Immanuel Kant about the A priori..

Man, look at the climate, the skies, earth, and water as slower-acting Coronas.  Would you give your child a slower-acting poison just so she would get more time to play with her toys?

Corona has a nice ring to it, as does diarrhea. Covid-19 sounds like prognosis negative. Thank you, Larry David et al. And thanks, too to Jerry's Nadia for acknowledging the divinity of the comic.

​Eve has sent you all​​​​​​ to your rooms and you are abiding by her dictates, she says, dick tastes. For Ken Davies from Jeff Collins ala David Foster Wallace

Adam loves Eve fully in his heart.  That is where Eve lives,. 

Eve loves Adam, and she loves  the snake,  Eve is polyamorous. Adam loves Eve's love for the snake.  This leads Adam to love Eve more.

Eve gets her own collection of snakes​​​..  It makes Adam  overjoyed to see Eve so filled with pleasure'

Her pleasure is half of what is so pleasurable about the snake. It's akin to having all of your friends playing nicely with one another.

Which is leading Jeff to intervene right here. This is audience awareness, the new AA. Meanwhile, Adam remains envious of the snake and as a result, jealously guards Eve and is less beautiful for doing so.... 
T Adam's doing  his is the beginning

​April 12, 2020​​​
5:00 a.m. 
We are haunching Prayboy Enterprise s  

​Now hiring merlies. Meryl Streeps with a twist.  Merly Street

Everything changed when Hef arrived, as it changed when D. F. Wallace noticed Kurt Hudgens and stayed to bring us Carteblox and help Kurt Hudgens drop Jeff Collins from the fourth-floor balcony and thereby spring his still mortal best friend into Heaven.

​Maybe it is time for Jeff Collins to fill in the backstory,

And clue the audience as to what gave rise to  all this.  Eve loves the phrasing there.

​Eve is as fixated by the bulge in Adam's pants, or is it only Adam's wanting it so?  E​​​​ve is as fixated by Adam's snake as Adam is of her lotus flower, and lately her feet.

Hefner has his own designs and we have all converged upon him. We thought Carteblox was as far as we were going.

And the Other Guy, Jeff Collins had no idea about that.  He's just along for the ride and we needed a car, vessel' That is how Jeff Collins has been seeing the word, as a car. Now he sees it as a chalice' T

Now he sees how this idea has been developing since before he was born, blue and in need of blood​, which his father provided and with whom he battled throughout their days together.
he sacred incarnate.  You all are

It takes a lot of heart to take on the roles Jeff​'s parents took on.  There are a lot of saints currently appearing as abusive to the human eye.  The twelve-year-old wants no part of that, and it took sixty-six and two-thirds years and a three or four story fall for Jeff Collins to see those words, though he's been practicing throughout his life to come to terms with those two.
Which says it is time to introduce our divine court, our priesthood, if you will, currently being headed by the new tambourine man, Chris Rock, which brings us to Pryor to whom we all owe a debt of deep gratitude, and now we are at Lenny Bruce, the divine court. My thanks to Gary Cormany and Tim Reshke

Ask Ken Davies, Jeff Bogda,, or Kevin Greene.
Include Tim Reshke as the fourth  dimension personal guide for the divine court.

As Kurt Hudgens is the guide for Ken Kesey and David Foster Wallace​

And J​​im V. the guide for John Kennedy Toole and Jesus of Nazareth
Jeff Collins did not know of any of this. All he knew was to order some marijuana chocolates off the dark web. cannabis and chocolate, like motherfucker, best of two worlds. And for two years, until Hudgens and Wallace conspired to drop him from that building.Two years of doing  PHP's bidding from the second dimension, really Kesey's from the fourth. Those early days when Jeff Collins was trying to figure out which bridge, the one with the students or the one being built in his head PHP was pushing him to complete.
Mama Cass is beltin' out song!
A non-profit devoted to helping women everywhere achieve their dreams 
Here is the perfect motherfucker, Trump, you thought you had the crown won, but the crown, title, and another A.A.go to Merly Street.

perfect carteblox. it wasn't the perfect call, Mr. Trump. It was a perfect blox. a blox-office sensation. 

​Jeff Collins met Sophie in his introduction to Styron. What ah find. Styron, a fuller appreciation of Sophie came  with Streep's Sophie 

​ ​
        it's easy to miss what's missing. You don't always need that front-running strong F for sensationally satisfying sex.

best of both worlds​​

Eve's cry​
Streep's the same problem as Obama, you're being outclassed,
by a snotty woman and a uppity black, Streep tried to prepare you for Pelosi. You seem to have either not learned or not seen the movie.You can watch it now by clicking on Streep already laid out and ready over  there.
The Other Guy, Jeff Collins is hearing Eve's cry more frequently nowadays as he approaches what appears to be a finish line which is really a starting line for this.
Now there's no waiting to find some spoot to place it. You have your universal platform.
My # 1 dream since I was 15 came true today when I published The Dimentuanol Dimentianols. Dont shrug it off with its just s,elf-puplication, a glorified facebook page.
if tEven  hat's all there is and your circle stays small, And me saying its the most beautiful thing on the Internet,
Sexy Eve still has a lot to learn
   c lick for more gold

Lick hear to greet our loving leader of the band and don't mention the loving part to Dave and it's the same for Doug.
or on any of these hear four letters
We are the Village Green Preservation Conglomerate.
touch my girl to hear our song
For all the proof you need of Covid being a Jewish conspiracy, look into the pee party.
Kurt Vonnegut, jr. is the paper, ribbon, and bow for all of this.
P.E. is where the first four dimensions of consciousness converge into a joyous experience commonly referred to as heavenly bliss.  Let go of your preconceptions and prejudices and join us in a higher Love. Thank you, Steve Winwood
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And it wasn't until April 29, 2020 did Jeff Collins learn of the true porpoise of the project. Now he gets it. Now he sees why the Suicides are guiding this project.

​It is to share with the world with regard to consciousness, there are only dimensions.

There is no such thing as death, except to the biological body, and even that is more of a transition than an ending.
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Archetypal Eve's gift for all  Earthly Eves
P.E. class fur me merlies
fur Ken Kesey a gift from Jeff Collins
Let's go furthur still.
Thanks for your leadership, Professor Kesey.​
Together, they explore the Garden while listening to these songs.
click here to get back on the Bridge, guys and dolls, and many thanks to Abe Burrows, Jo Swerling, Frank Loesser, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Damon Runyan and Wikipedia says I am to thank the great Ben Hecht, too. And now let's say thanks to Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, and Vivian Blaine and then go celebrate this wonderful life with the lesser known character actors Stubby Kaye and Robert Keith, whom I came to know as Brian, father of Cissy and Buffy, possible early merlies and guarded by the gargantuan Sebastian Cabot in the role of Mr. French. Now let the celebration begin with some guy named Frank Sinatra while Sheldon Leonard pulls out the good stuff from behind the bar in Bedford Falls. Maybe we'll bump into Clarence and George
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