April 20, 2017

Those block panels-
​ build the desks now,
​in class,
​setting the table to design our dream, the one we discovered on the bridge.
Symbolism is wonderful
​heartfelt gestures create wonderful feelings

Question: How many potatoes can I get for showing you my beautiful and symbolic heartfelt gesture?
So now we set the table,
and get to designing that dream​

First symbolically through art--

How many potatoes can I get for this beautiful hand-crafted table, made from a panel from the Bridge of American Dreams? That’s right folks, design your dream atop this beautiful table, this artifact from one of the greatest symbolic gestures ever created by a bunch of high school students.

In the classroom:
Put the tables together. This is what is meant by setting the table. Here we will work together on our American Dreams.  Look around, we’ve been together quite a while and that date we have been talking about, May 10, is not too far away. May tenth is why we are together.

This is where we begin working on (y)our American Dream,

A three or better on May 10

Those who show Grit

What does grit look like?
Today, Grit looks like those students who brought in their partial essay..

Those who have yet to write this essay do so tonight, in a quiet space. For this hour, look at CA4, that’s gonna be for a test on Monday, that will sharpen our skills for the test on Tuesday

Work through those CA4 essays on your own or together, either way, and after figuring the correct answer through reading the explanations, read each explanation again, don’t just use the explanation to figure out the right A, B, C, or D.  Work at clearly understanding each explanation; take your time. Put away the phone and practice these readings without the phone-play.  

Yes, work, this is concentrated effort.

It will take many years of long, hard concentrated work to achieve most any dream which might be characterized as one's particular American Dream

Grit can get you there
It starts here
college level
are you ready?​​​​​

In this case, giving this test a sincere effort
following the program we have been practicing,
​(which until Monday are the CA4 essays)  
​and remembering to write with structure
(paragraph by paragraph
​addressing the three W's within each paragraph}
​and spicing it up with your own honest voice
​and color your writing with simple imagery....

Will allow you to walk into that exam hall alongside all of your classmates, aware that this is happening at most every other high school in the country
the crowning achievemnt of high school education​

and you will be able to say to yourself

I belong

and believe it

the will to win begins in the heart
Write honestly and read carefully

making the time necessary to work on my dream
my goal​​

So look again at the Kennedy essay and respond to the first column of text for your response

Take it one paragraph at a time and apply the three W’s:

What is the author saying right here?
Where is the evidence to support my point?
Why is the author saying this?
And I want you to care, care about what the author is saying, feel it. Each and every essay we read was wriiten by a very passionate author, most often as a newspaper article. I have read many of these authors in the New York Times, These articles are usually intended for an educated adult.


And if an analogy pops into your head, trust it, write it down, there is no penalty for crossing something out. Do not be afraid to write down your own ideas, those are special, those ideas that could have come only from you, that voice will what will make your writing special

If you did hand in the first part of your essay, I will ask you to come to the front of the room and sit at this table of dreams, and together let’s look at that paper; Then, I will suggest you go back to your seat and work alone and continue writing that paper until completion.

I will see you at our Table of Dreams​​