Hey, tell your audience, (you in four-or-so years), how your life might start to unfold. Write down what you see yourself doing over the course of next year, then the next, and the next and so on right on past that four-or-so years in the future where your audience is standing.

Then, the two of you—you and your future you—will be watching how your life unfolds for another six years or so. Do they like what they see?

i.e. (in other words) The seventeen year-old wants to party, and the twenty-one year old wants a career. What will the twenty-eight year-old be doing? Do the younger two of you, each of you, like what you see?

​​Do you like that twenty-eight year old? Do you like what you see?
Face the Devil
Write a page detailing the greatest obstacles to your pursuing your personal American Dream.
What is the American Dream? What is the French Dream or the Guatemalan Dream?