Look closely at another’s dream. You may see a bit of your own.




The Bridge of American Dreams​​​


this panel is temporarily under constructon
During these times of intense political upheaval, Illinois high school students students have created a sixty-foot bridge made from twenty-five thousand hand-cut and hand-painted children's blocks, (sixty two-foot by four-foot panels, each panel was designed for thirty rows of fourteen blocks to each row  That amounts to four hundred twenty blocks for each panel. Was this coicidence or a gift from Ken Kesey? 
Our Intention is to ​offer you the opportunity to exercise your powers of contemplation (Actualization?) by virtually and/or physically strolling the Bridge of American Dreams. In so doing, with your m(M)ind focused upon these images, your own dreams may be better realized.The images at Carteblox.com serve as an interactive virtual rendition of the actual Bridge of American Dreams.​

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and from all of us on the fourth-floor balcony, in particular Jim V. and Jesus of Nazareth with a special nod from John Kennedy'Toole who gave us Ignatius J. Reilly and very presciently titled his 1987 Pulitzer-prize winning masterpiece for the Trump administration
Hefner went to the store.  His was the last car in the driveway.
And he was a teacher? What is he encouraging this merly to do?
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Our four horse persons of the apocolypse of dismay and disunity, our uniters, unitas of Love.
That's not a misspelling,  Tori. That's for  Oprah  
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a short lesson in prepositions
How much of this material would be disallowed in the public school classroom? Is that a rhetorical or legal question? If we get censored,  I'm blaming you, Pastor  Osteen more than all the sex talk.
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A lesson in irony.

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